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Making Exercise More Like Play

Life is too short for boring, repetitive exercise, say Charlotte Roach and Rosemary Pringle, the founders of Rabble, a company that creates crazy team games for adults looking for ‘funner fitness’.

If you’re looking for find your passion or follow your bliss, then this article is a must read – Making Exercise More Like Play.

How To Establish A Healthy Emotional Life

Life is all about balance. It’s about keeping our physical body, our emotional body, our spiritual body, and our mind all in balance.  Sometimes we forget about the emotional side of life.  However, we need to remember that this area needs to be kept in tip top shape just as much as every other.

When you fail to process your emotions and experiences, you create toxins of another sort. Emotional toxins manifest as anxiety, depression, sadness, hopelessness, anger, rage, impatience, or guilt. Over time, emotional toxins build up, and if you don’t clear them regularly they morph into physical symptoms and ultimately disease. Much like exercise helps maintain balance in the physical body, the following tools can be used to keep your emotions in check.

How to establish a healthy emotional life.

7 Ways To Exercise Your Brain

The brain is like a muscle. When it is in use we feel very good. –Carl Sagan

Your brain is a bit like your body, it needs a workout to stay in tip top condition. If you’re looking for the latest gym routine for your brain, then check out these seven options, which include strategising, challenging your memory and refocusing your attention.

A Quick Guide To Changing The World

The solution revolution—the convergence of money and meaning is upon us.  It’s happening, but is it happening fast enough. In order to answer the question: What can we do to accelerate the solution economy? the following article provides 6 strategies that can help.

A Quick Guide To Changing The World

Balancing The Brain And The Power Of Choice

Today we continue on with our theme of the brain.  This is the story of a neuroanatomist who experienced a severe haemorrhage of the left brain and will be particularly interesting for those of you who are a little spiritually inclined.  During her eight years of being unable to walk, talk, read or write, she experienced purely right brain living. It’s really interesting to hear her scientific take on what many people would consider a very spiritual experience.

Check out Balancing The Brain And The Power of Choice

The Link Between Eating Well And Mental Health

There are more and more studies coming out showing that food can be connected to mental illness.

In a 2011 analysis of more than 5,000 Norwegians, Michael Berk, a professor of psychiatry at the Deakin University School of Medicine in Australia, and his collaborators found lower rates of depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder among those who consumed a traditional diet of meat and vegetables than among people who followed a modern diet heavy with processed and fast foods—or even a health-food diet of tofu and salads.

And this trend is not at all surprising when we consider that we are also starting to consider our stomach as our second brain.

Additionally, our brain is a complex organism that consumes around 400 calories a day. An American Psychiatrist, Dr Ramsey, explains that one of the biggest benefits of eating clean is for the healthy function of our brain. We can grow stronger, more ‘resilient’ brains by feeding it the right nutrients.

For more on these topics go to the link between eating and mental health and you can eat to make your brain grow.


Wow This Eight Year Old Is A Wise Old Soul – Check Him Out!

Adam is only 8 years old and yet he has some pretty amazing wisdom to share. Check him out in this short clip were he introduces his latest crystal grid, which he calls a “web” grid.  It pulls in dark energy and transmutes it to the light.

The Innovation of Loneliness

Ah, the joys of social media. Is it making our life better or worse? The discussion continues….

While our focus is shifting towards individual achievements over community, more and more people are feeling lonely. They feel vulnerable opening up to others for warm, friendly, heart-to-heart conversations. Then, along comes social media… As people share and chat from islands of isolation, filtering and massaging information, they are undermining the genuine credibility of conversation. Bits and pieces of tweets, posts and chats aren’t allowing people either to open up or understand others. Are these online connections actually helping with loneliness, or they are making it worse? Could this social media activity be chipping away at your quiet time as well, when you could think and reflect? Learn more in this fast-pace, animated video based on the work of Sherry Turkle and Dr. Yair Amichal-Hamburger.

Austerity vs Abundance

This story is about a world waking up, a world evolving, and a new way of seeing things. I liked it, and I am pretty sure you will too. I’ve included a little quote from the story below, and if you want to read more then check out Austerity vs Abundance.

Environmentalism is giving way to something bigger and bolder. We are not just asking people not to drive anymore. Being ecological is about positive actions that nurture abundance, such as growing copious vegetables and giving them to the old lady who lives alone down the street. That builds community and reduces our need to rely on corporate food. And in being abundant ourselves, might we not fall in step with our mysterious universe – so perfectly poised for life – and contribute to the evolutionary destiny of our planet?

Tuning Into Your Brain: A Guide to Binaural Beats

I have to admit that I haven’t tried this out myself yet. But it certainly looks interesting, and I thought it was worth sharing. If anyone has any thoughts or feedback on – please comment on this post.

No more fighting with a talkative mind, no frustrations that you can’t get into meditation or worries that you’re not doing it right. With the help of binaural beats, you don’t need special skills, lots of time, or a trip to the mountaintop to meet your local guru. All you need is a pair of good quality headphones.

Tuning into your brain